AIR Blue, Reduce Heat, Not Visibility

While other films employ very dark tinting to achieve certain levels of heat rejection, AIR Blue provides high heat rejection with a color that is light enough to meet most visible-light transmission laws.

Extraordinary Protection
The sun’s visible and infrared (IR) rays can cause temperature inside your car to become unbearably hot. But more importantly, harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays can also cause irreversible damage to vehicle interiors – and to human skin.

Lower Temperatures = Lower Cooling Costs
In these times of high fuel prices, every opportunity for savings is important. By reducing the interior temperature of your car, AIR Blue can reduce the need to run your vehicle’s cooling system, and that helps your car burn less fuel.

Advanced Technology
The most high-tech accessory on your car has no moving parts. The incredibly advanced AIR Blue film uses nano-ceramic technology to achieve its extraordinary level of protection. This protection has been specially designed with your car’s electronic accessories in mind: AIR Blue film does not interfere with cell phones, radios, radar detectors, or global positing systems.